My work centres on experimentation, and this page is a continual work in progress that will expand, contract and mutate as my thinking develops. I orient my practice around some key ideas and intentions, within the overall remit of including participation and dialogue as essential elements of exhibition.

Placing images in new contexts that encourage expansive responses within broad themes. Offering room for images to have social value as well as artistic value.
Facilitating spaces that offer room to respond both to the works and to others. Finding moments of collective critical enquiry anchored in the image.
Prioritising processes - of thought, dialogue, imagining futures - above a pragmatic notion of completion. Remembering that the culmination of processes does not require a clear cut end goal. A process promises potential futures, centred on pushing the limits of what we know.
I experiment, within the means afforded me, with what an exhibition space can be. I encourage personal autonomy in a space, and playful interactions with the environment.